How a Billionaire saved us Billions

Jessica McCarthy Sellers March 17, 2021–15 Minute Read

Not the most professional way to begin this story. It will need some history to put things in perspective; but just let me say for now and up front — we all really do love you!

I will not embarrass you further by “counting the ways”, because there are so many of my team who have contributed a plethora of personal endearments over the years, as we have followed your adventures. Personally, my interest was in relating to you as a peer: mother, wife, career woman, contemporary. …

The Digital Education Project Story

The solution to the Covid-19/back to school pandemic dilemma

Our mission at The Digital Education Project, has been for decades keeping America’s education system producing strong citizens who engage in this countries success. Through development of digital schoolbook software, the latest and best digital educational materials, to teach our countries students the education, life skills, and work skills needed to keep America competitive in the world. It is a passion! A call and we are driven. It is our belief that Education is receiving a failing grade at this time. Starting twenty years ago, digital…

IMDETS vs COVID-19 — National Emergency USA Education System


Solutions That Will Save Our Schools, Teachers, Students, And Parents

Charleston, SC, September 8, 2020 — The Digital Education Project IMDETS technology provides an immediate solution and multi-leveled options, which will allow our states, schools, teachers, parents, and students, to safely navigate this new and dangerous challenge that faces our nation — COVID-19.

One of the many great advantages of the revolutionary Digital Education Technology is that, if at any time it is necessary, our students can remain…

Jessica McCarthy Sellers

Advocating for our students, teachers, parents and the United States of America to be safe, secure, competitive and educated.

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